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Levertine Gallery


Levertine Gallery is a modern gallery solution for SMF 2.0, built by one of the most experienced SMF modders in the world.

Supports uploading huge files out of the box - no matter what your server configuration is, just needs a modern browser (Flash and Silverlight are also available for less-recent browsers).
Uploading in bulk is also available straight away and works on mobile as well as desktop! It is also built using HTML5 (though can use Flash and Silverlight on desktop if need be) so it works even on mobile devices, for example to upload photos straight off your phone direct to the forum! Phones, tablets, desktops, all the features are available on all platforms!Bulk Uploading
Albums can be made for members, for groups or for the site as a whole. Whatever your community needs, LevGal has you covered - for sites that have guilds or clans, albums can be made and locked only to that guild or clan and its groups. Albums can also be owned by multiple members (or groups) - good for collaboration between members for example.Edit Album Ownership
Members can rearrange their albums with a handy drag and drop interface! Even if two members both jointly own an album, their preferences for album arrangement are kept for them.Rearranging Albums
LevGal comes with integrated support out of the box for SimplePortal and TinyPortal.Integrated SimplePortal support
LevGal comes with its own bbcode, [media] to handle putting images in posts, quickly and easily, and common links to items (including the bbcode) are shown on every item page, complete with a little button (browser permitting) to easily copy the link code for you. There are also integrated social sharing options built right in too!Sharing Items

Of course, all the fundamental things you might expect - comments, notifications, unseen items, likes, bookmarking items - all come as standard and are ready to go as soon as you install and start uploading items!


Naturally, no multimedia solution would be complete without great support for pictures. All your favourite formats are supported and where possible, additional facilities will be available.

Got images larger than your screen? No problem - we have an integrated lightbox just for this reason. No configuration, no complexity, it just gets activated when it's needed and complements any SMF theme that your community might have installed.Integrated Lightbox
Got photos with extra data in them? No problem, LevGal can grab all the data out of the pictures where possible. Whether you just want to show what kind of camera took the picture, or whether you want to get more details for discussing a photograph with fellow enthusiasts - or professional photographers - LevGal makes the information available to you when you upload a photo, and admins have the choice over which items are shown to members.EXIF data
If your members upload from mobile phones, you might have seen other systems have trouble with getting the rotation correct - LevGal automatically fixes the rotation for you and your members.


Levertine Gallery would be powerful enough just for pictures - but why stop there?

LevGal comes with a built in music player that fits in with your theme and supports as many audio formats as possible.Integrated Media Player
Many audio files contain extra information about them, such as the track and artist names. LevGal will grab all this data and make it available to your members - and you can choose whether to show or hide some or all of it too.Audio metadata
If your audio file contains any preview picture or album art, this will be used as the preview and thumbnail picture for that media item.Album Art


We know that managing your gallery is important, so we have made sure there are features available to help you do just that.

The admin panel comes with a dashboard showing a general overview of the gallery, along with some useful support information to help us in the event of troubleshooting.Admin Dashboard
Moderation actions within the gallery are logged for your reference.Moderation Log
Unlike other gallery systems, we have deliberately not offered per-album permissions but kept an intentionally simplified set of general permissions available instead.Admin Permissions

Unfortunately, buying Levertine Gallery does require registration on Levertine.com. Registration is free and takes a few moments. Register now!

Change Log

The official changelog for published versions of Levertine Gallery.

1.1.1 - 19 January 2015
:feature: Add title/subject/author/keyword/comment EXIF handling for files edited by Windows.
:feature: Add MetaCafe external links support.
:feature: cURL support for getting external data; hosts generally prefer this to SMF's original fsock solution.
:feature: Liking posts is now AJAX-powered.
:feature: Bookmarking/unbookmarking from the item view is now AJAX-powered.
:feature: Now possible to stop the view count increasing when an item's uploader looks at it.
:bug: YouTube video could hide menus in IE.
:bug: Radio/multiselect custom fields might misbehave if using bbcode.
:bug: XHTML validation bug in new album page.
:bug: mOxie/Plupload won't touch animated GIFs so can't do the quota test for those on the client.
:bug: Images smaller than the typical thumbnail or preview size might have been converted to JPG even when they shouldn't.

1.1.0 - 17 January 2015
:feature: Media > My Media now has a submenu of useful links.
:feature: media bbcode now has a show-preview-image option.
:feature: Custom fields can be now displayed underneath the items' descriptions.
:feature: Custom fields can be rearranged from the admin panel.
:feature: Custom fields now include a 'select from multiple checkboxes' option. (Aeva importer now supports this too)
:feature: SMF Packs Multimedia Gallery can now be imported from inside the admin panel.
:change: Rejigging how SMF Gallery Pro importer worked, made it easier to build SMF Packs Multimedia Gallery importer.
:bug: Album names weren't always displayed for song uploads.
:bug: Typos in the maintenance language strings.
:bug: Upload bulk could generate the wrong URL for 'View Item'.
:bug: Users would sometimes see all their comments, rather than filtered to just an item.
:bug: Missing label tag closure fixed.
:bug: SGL/SGP importer was a bit too enthusiastic on sanitisation.
:bug: Exif rotation could be incorrect on certain circumstances.
:bug: Album access could under some conditions expose albums they should not.
:bug: Custom fields might sometimes display the wrong list of albums they apply to in the admin panel.
:bug: Aeva importer did not handle descriptions properly.
:bug: External videos were sometimes not given to users as an option even when they should have been.
:bug: Altered image quota algorithm to function more in line with how users expected.
:bug: Fixed some of the more zealous error handling during upload.

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