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Author Topic: Levertine Gallery changelog  (Read 5977 times)


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Levertine Gallery changelog
« on: January 02, 2015, 12:28:57 PM »
The official changelog for published versions of Levertine Gallery.

1.1.1 - 19 January 2015
:feature: Add title/subject/author/keyword/comment EXIF handling for files edited by Windows.
:feature: Add MetaCafe external links support.
:feature: cURL support for getting external data; hosts generally prefer this to SMF's original fsock solution.
:feature: Liking posts is now AJAX-powered.
:feature: Bookmarking/unbookmarking from the item view is now AJAX-powered.
:feature: Now possible to stop the view count increasing when an item's uploader looks at it.
:bug: YouTube video could hide menus in IE.
:bug: Radio/multiselect custom fields might misbehave if using bbcode.
:bug: XHTML validation bug in new album page.
:bug: mOxie/Plupload won't touch animated GIFs so can't do the quota test for those on the client.
:bug: Images smaller than the typical thumbnail or preview size might have been converted to JPG even when they shouldn't.

1.1.0 - 17 January 2015
:feature: Media > My Media now has a submenu of useful links.
:feature: media bbcode now has a show-preview-image option.
:feature: Custom fields can be now displayed underneath the items' descriptions.
:feature: Custom fields can be rearranged from the admin panel.
:feature: Custom fields now include a 'select from multiple checkboxes' option. (Aeva importer now supports this too)
:feature: SMF Packs Multimedia Gallery can now be imported from inside the admin panel.
:change: Rejigging how SMF Gallery Pro importer worked, made it easier to build SMF Packs Multimedia Gallery importer.
:bug: Album names weren't always displayed for song uploads.
:bug: Typos in the maintenance language strings.
:bug: Upload bulk could generate the wrong URL for 'View Item'.
:bug: Users would sometimes see all their comments, rather than filtered to just an item.
:bug: Missing label tag closure fixed.
:bug: SGL/SGP importer was a bit too enthusiastic on sanitisation.
:bug: Exif rotation could be incorrect on certain circumstances.
:bug: Album access could under some conditions expose albums they should not.
:bug: Custom fields might sometimes display the wrong list of albums they apply to in the admin panel.
:bug: Aeva importer did not handle descriptions properly.
:bug: External videos were sometimes not given to users as an option even when they should have been.
:bug: Altered image quota algorithm to function more in line with how users expected.
:bug: Fixed some of the more zealous error handling during upload.

1.0.4 - 11th January 2015
:change: More variations on YouTube URLs are now supported.
:change: SMF 2.1 compatibility added.
:change: The "additional information" box in the item pages is also a link for expansion (not just the +/- button now but the whole title)
:change: Additional debugging information exposed via the 'upload failed' message should it occur.
:bug: Custom field errors did not always get reported to the user properly.
:bug: TinyPortal integration didn't expand to width like SimplePortal integration did.
:bug: PHPSESSID removal didn't occur in SSI pages as it generally should.
:bug: Other mod autoloaders could be broken by LevGal (and potentially, LevGal could cause all kinds of icky with double-autoloading)
:bug: Aeva importer would not import data correctly from users that had marked chunks of items (or all items) seen.
:bug: Due to a race condition, editing items could occasionally mark them unseen for the person doing the editing.
:bug: External sites posted into the gallery could occasionally be over-sanitised if errors occurred while posting.
:bug: Arrange Albums button would not always be shown on the right occasions.
:bug: For some character set configurations, errors would be thrown while serving files due to irritating behaviour of SMF's language files.

1.0.3 - 5th January 2015
:feature: My Media link in the main menu, takes users directly to their profile area to show them their uploads.
:change: Portal integrations now include the item name as tooltip to be consistent with the rest of the gallery.
:change: Portal integrations now use equally spaced columns consuming the full width of the block area.
:change: Make some changes under the hood that ultimately lead towards 2.1 support.
:bug: Damaged images could throw errors when loaded via GD.
:bug: Deleting a membergroup would clean up most data, except their quota settings.
:bug: Deleting a membergroup might not always trigger the special made-out-of-nothingness hook for the job.

1.0.2 - 3rd January 2015
:feature: TinyPortal integration via a blockcode.
:change: SimplePortal integration no longer offers 'x items displayed horizontally or vertically' (e.g. 4 items, horizontally) but now offers a columns/rows layout (e.g. 1 row of 4 items)
:bug: Non-critical debug information was previously exposed in certain areas, this has now been removed.

1.0.1 - 2nd January 2015
:bug: Importers, especially from Aeva would fail to import album ownership correctly under some circumstances

1.0 - 31st December 2014
:feature: Initial release!

:feature: - new feature
:bug: - bug fix
:change: - functionality change, neither a new feature nor a bug fix
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